Over The Rainbow


Over the last 9 years of being a dog walker, I have sadly had to say goodbye to so many dogs that I love so dearly. This is definitely the hardest part of the job, so I have created a ‘over the rainbow’ page so I can pay tribute to those who are no longer here.


Rodney, I don’t know what to say. I started walking you when I was 18! You’ve been a Happy Hounds member for 10 years, it has been an honour being your dog walker all this time. I don’t think I will ever get use to you no longer being on my group walks. My nickname for you was ‘uncle Rodney’ as my dog Rivo met you when she was only 8 weeks old. The bond I had with you, was magical. You really were the perfect dog and a legend. Sleep well old boy, you will always be remembered.


Tula, Wednesday walks will never be the same again without your piggy noises plodding along behind me 😭😪🐽You were Sassy, funny, cuddly and such a character. I am so happy you enjoyed the buggy so you could still have play dates with your friends near the end.🐾 You acted like royalty, waving at your subjects whilst relaxing in your carriage 👑 Sleep tight gorgeous girl, we will miss you so very much and it was an honour being your dog walker for the past 9 years xxxx


I’ve had the pleasure of walking this gorgeous boy Boston for 8 wonderful years, his parents worked with the military so I was very heartbroken when they had to move house due to being posted elsewhere. 2 years passed and I received the best text message that Boston will be moving back to the area and wants to start going on group walks with his old friends again. I was so excited to see him, he was still the cheeky chap I remember him as, maybe slightly more stubborn in his old age – would not be a happy boy if we got rained on!! Rest in peace beautiful boy!! xx


Gorgeous Ollie dog, you have touched so many peoples hearts with your quirky loveable behaviour 💕 Coughing up not 1 but 4 tennis balls!!! Always giving me the best welcome when I visited, running into the living room to show off your angelic singing voice whenever a song was playing and your most impressive skill was when you helped me relight a dying fire when you farted 💨🙈 heaven has definitely gained another angel 😇🌈


Stormy boy, you sadly passed away during peek lockdown so my last walk with you would have been a few months before you passed away not knowing it was my last walk. You were the softest boy, I always looked forward to our walks together. You always made me laugh with your goofy run and play! Your legs would be all over the place when you played with your best friend Twirl. I will miss you always and will also miss your owner Sam, she was very supportive of my business and Storm became ‘uncle Storm’ when I adopted my puppy Rivo. Rest in peace fluffy boy xx


Big boy, our walking adventures together sadly was very brief but we bonded so quickly. You fitted into our group perfectly in such a short space of time you were with us. My favourite memory of you was in the van, an advert on the radio came on and there was a doorbell noise on this advert, you barked to let me know ‘someone was at the door’ I was laughing so much, you even got your friends to join in as well. Thank you to your parents for letting my partner and I have a goodbye visit, we sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine whilst we had our final cuddle xx


Oh ‘blind Bob’ you were such a clever boy considering you couldn’t see. You knew exactly where I was whilst on our walks, you impressed me weaving through kissing gates and your sense of smell was incredible. You could smell when my van was approaching your house, or if I drove past you out on a walk. You would stop mid walk, sniff the air and wag your tail. Your Dad loved you so much and you lived a long, healthy and happy life like every dog should. I am sure you are having a lovely time with your brother Buckley xx


Dear Buckley, you were one of my very first customers. You helped me eased into becoming a dog walker and even though you were very well trained, I remember the day I drove past you when out for a walk with your Dad and you jumped through my open window and into my van. You were the best brother to Bob who was blind, you were so gentle natured and I will miss you. xx


Max, such a cuddly and so friendly lab. You were always so happy on your walks, even in the worst weathers you would be running around living in the moment and loving life to the full!!! My favourite memory of you was when you wanted to go swimming, but you didn’t think ahead on how you would get out of the river bank. I had to save you and slipped doing so, thankfully my friend was there…not to help but to video the entire thing. Your Dad was kind enough to let me say goodbye one last time before you sadly passed away, miss you Maxy boy! xx