Pheonix the van.

Pheonix the van.

I recently had professional cages fitted too maximise the use of my space which gives your dogs more space to enjoy their journey.

I have 5 seperate cages, now they can stretch and relax whilst I chauffeur them to their walk.

The cages have safety doors, front and back incaseĀ of emergencies.


As shown these are the back cages that have an extra door to the larger cage on the side. This can also be used to move dogs into different cages without the need of taking your dog out of the van

In total I have 5 seperate cages;

  • 1 large one for breeds such as Golden Retrievers or Ridgebacks,
  • 2 medium cages for breeds like Labradors or Springer Spaniels,
  • 2 small cages above the medium cages for breeds like Jack Russels and Dachshunds.